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Own manufacture of hydraulic marine, forestry, agricultural cranes and trailers with high quality steel and materials of well-known European market brands, resulting in an easy to use product with high technology characteristics, designed for an intensive work and a long useful life.

Official distributors of FASSI

Since the year 2000, at GRÚAS FUERTE  GRÚAS FUERTE we have incorporated FASSI industrial cranes into our product line to serve the industrial sector and services, becoming the official representative for all Galicia of this brand.

FassiAs representatives of FASSI, we offer total coverage to our clients, ie, sales, assembly and after-sales service, taking care of repairs and renovations wherever necessary. Good proof of this is the enormous reception it has received throughout Galicia.

Due to the different areas of difficult work for which our customers seek solutions, we adapt the FASSI cranes to different types of vehicles such as tractors, trailers and URO vehicles, in addition to trucks.

Our company

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At GRÚAS FUERTE we have our own customer service throughout the national territory, as well as other collaborative entities, managing everything from start-up to the smallest detail; maintenance service, reviews ... always guaranteeing the perfect functioning of our products in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.

Our compromise

We give a clear, reliable and quick response, facilitating a more comfortable and ergonomic work when using different tools.

We design, manufacture and market these products using first quality materials.

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