• Grúas Fuerte
  • +34 986 58 35 47
  • 36580 Merza - Vila de Cruces (Pontevedra)

In Grúas Fuerte we design, manufacture and market our products thinking of offering our customers the maximum benefits, adapting to your needs and with the lowest possible cost.

We ensure quality in our processes for the entire range of products, forestry cranes, trailers, agricultural and marine cranes, as well as in all accessories.

The growing demands of our customers have led us to develop a permanent dynamic of improvement. We have a qualified team experienced in years of service. We apply specific solutions to the requirements of our clients.

We design and manufacture according to the National and International Standards.

Certified Company in Quality Management ISO 9001.

Certificates and acknowledgements

Company recognized as GACELA by the Ardan 2017 indicator

Production Conformity Certificate issued by UCA that guarantees production control methods

Indicador Ardan