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To make your purchases at https://gruasfuerte.com, you must register your personal data and choose a password.

This is done only once, in the future, you will not have to fill it out again.

The data entered will be used only to process the order, as well as to send information about offers and services that may be of interest to you.

At any time you can modify the data of your customer record (change of address, phone ….) by sending an email to comercial@gruasfuerte.com or request a reminder of your password if you have forgotten it in the section MY ACCOUNT

In accordance with our guarantee of security and confidentiality, we offer our clients the highest level of security and protect the confidentiality of the data they provide.

Therefore, commercial transactions are carried out in a secure server environment under SSL protocol and WITH 128-bit ENCRYPTION, which ensures the highest level of protection in communications.

If you have problems accessing our website, it may be due to technical problems in the model or version of your browser or to the configuration of the browser options.

If you need us to help you find the solution or if you have any questions regarding the operation of our purchasing system, you can send us an email to comercial@gruasfuerte.com where we will clarify all your doubts

The General Conditions bind Hijos de R. Fuerte, SL (https://gruasfuerte.com) and the buyer (client), granting them a series of rights and obligations, from the moment in which they make and accept an order through the website.

These General Conditions will be regulated by the provisions of current legal regulations.

The Client must register as such and provide the following data in order to place the order: name and surname or company name, VAT number, billing address, delivery address, contact telephone number and contact email. Any problem that occurred during this process can be reversed and re-entered, if for any reason you can not continue the purchase process, please contact us at comercial@gruasfuerte.com.

The offer of gruasfuerte.com is valid for the Peninsula (see conditions for the Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla).

The languages ​​in which the products are offered and can be purchased are Spanish and Portuguese and the duration of the offer and price is valid while the product is published on the web.

Each product has a file that includes the technical characteristics, the manufacturer’s brand, the specific model to which it refers, an orientation photograph (if applicable), the retail price of the product with the included VAT and its availability .

The tab for each product indicates the retail price, including VAT. Additional costs are not included in this price: shipping costs.

The total cost of the order (price of sale to the public of the product or products that comprise it plus the corresponding additional expenses) will be communicated to the Client at the time of placing his order and in advance of its acceptance.

The price of the products is shown on the website at the time of placing the order.